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At The James L. Knight Center
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About The Conference

The legalization of marijuana was a major step for ending prohibition in America and sparked the dawn of the country’s fastest growing industry. Along with this spark sailed in a plethora of benefits for our culture and civilization. Business, technology, and science- the most substantial topics- will enable entrepreneurs to take advantage of this wide open market. Everything we have seen so far is just the beginning. Cannabis is on track to become one of biggest economical impacts to ever benefit the American people. Let’s explore these opportunities and expand on the pros and cons of the industry’s climate. Great success can come with Cannabis. Through knowledge and perseverance you can ensure that success.

Join us for Thrive Cannabis Conference, Florida’s first official Cannabis Conference focusing on the business, technology, and science of cannabis. Both our content and goals are centralized in setting high standards for information and fostering your professional growth in the cannabis industry. This is an event for business professionals and investors. Business casual attire only please.

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Embrace the rapid growth of new markets and emerging opportunities to thrive in the new cannabis industry! We welcome all entrepreneurs, investors, and forward thinkers to learn about this exciting new market surfacing in Florida and throughout America. Find out more about what the conference will consist of and the status of the industry.


Get exclusive insights on the future of the cannabis industry.

The Election Results & Florida’s Market

In celebration of the Green Election, we discuss new green states and how they will impact the industry in a positive way. Go in-depth into the reality of Florida’s market and the impacts that certain variables may have on opportunities in Florida’s cannabis industry.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana and Its Role In America & The Industry

Medical Marijuana programs around the country have been paving the way for cannabis in America for the past 21 years. Without these programs, we may not have seen these new markets and opportunities present themselves. Let’s explore the benefits, research, and regulations that support Medical Marijuana as the core of the industry.

Pot Pioneer: Opportunities in Oregon for Florida’s Residents

The cannabis industry is in its infancy and this provides modern-day business pioneers with an opportunity to thrive. Get insight on how to kick start to your experience and business plans with Oregon’s regulations favoring out-of-state investors & entrepreneurs.

The Science of Cannabis

Without the scientific development of what we now know about cannabis, there would be no industry. Learn about cannabinoids, hemp, and what the building blocks of cannabis are all about to the scientific community. Explore opportunities in testing, research and development of scientific data, and genetic engineering of cannabis.

The Tech World & Cannabis

Technology is outpacing human abilities making life and business more convenient. There’s no doubt the cannabis industry looks to explore those same benefits. From data and sales to products and manufacturing, the cannabis industry is on the road from analog to digital. Be sure to come see our panel guests discuss new opportunities with technology!

Closing Remarks, Trade Association, and Setting High Standards

Before you leave we will take time to recap some takeaways from the conference and provide some last minute insights with a Q&A session. At this point we will also be introducing ‘Florida’s American Pioneer Cannabis Industry Association’ to go over their commitment to helping Florida’s market succeed by setting high standards and helping people meet them. We’ll see you there!

Crash Course

Thinking of joining the cannabis industry? It can be overwhelming. Plan for success with the right information. We provide you with in-depth information from professionals with real world experience in the industry. Don’t miss panelist insights on the most current rules and regulations.

Begin your pioneering journey to success with an up-to-date crash course educating you on:

  • • Real-time status of the industry
  • • Cannabis, The Plant.
  • • Licensing regulations (State/City)
  • • Real Estate
  • • Legal Situations & 280E Tax Code
  • • Banking & Financial Services
  • • Opportunities (Production, processing, retail & ancillary)
  • • Marketing & Media

The Crash Course will also hold a Q&A session on the topics discussed. Don’t miss a chance to ensure that your networking and business plans get what they need for success!


Our Guest Speakers

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Downtown Miami
Convention Center

  • 400 SE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33131
  • October 2017
  • 8:00AM - 6:00PM

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